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February 2024 Monthly Outlook - January Trifecta

February 08, 2024

There is an old Wall Street axiom called the January Trifecta.  It goes like this:

  1. The “Santa Claus” rally – were there gains in stocks from Christmas eve until the 2nd trading day of the new year?
  2. The “First Five Days” – did stocks gain in the 1st five trading days of the new year?
  3. The “January Barometer” – did stocks have gains for the month of January?

History shows that when all 3 occur – a Trifecta – then the rest of the year is positive.  This indicator has happened 31 times since 1950, and it was accurate in 90% of those years.

Unfortunately, this year we only got 2 out of 3.  We did not get a Santa Claus rally, but we did get the other two.  January actually saw us finally get back above the previous all-time high (S&P500) from way back in Dec 2021.  Breaking through to a new all-time high is very bullish.  But it does not mean the sky’s the limit.  In fact, I see some underlying conditions that are cause for a bit of caution.

While the broad index (S&P500) has continued to move higher, breadth – the number of individual companies moving higher -  is declining.  This is called a “negative divergence” and can be a warning sign of the potential for a pullback.  The chart below shows the S&P 500 in the top panel and the two lower panels show the percentage of stocks above their 50-day moving price average and the percentage of stocks in a bullish uptrend.  Note how the S&P climbed during January (green line) while both of the breadth indicators have been declining (yellow lines).  This is something I am watching.  The key is for the S&P 500 to stay above the previous all-time high from back in Dec 2021 – the red line in the top chart.  That level is 4,820. If the market stays above that level, even with the negative divergence, then I think it will continue to move slowly higher during the year.  If the negative divergence forces the market to drop below 4,820, then we are likely in for a bigger pullback and we will respond accordingly.

There are two other non-financial factors that could impact the markets in 2024.  One is the geo-political events around the globe and the other is the presidential election.  The second chart below shows how the S&P500 has done in every presidential election year since 1950.  As you can see, these years generally start slowly then have a brief and shallow pullback around March before starting to move higher again. 

Also note that the average return over these years has been roughly 7%.

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February Calendar of Events   (comments and additions for future months are always welcome)

  • February is Black History Month.  Let’s all strive for understanding and acceptance for people of all colors, nationality, and religions.


February  2nd                   Groundhog Day –  let’s hope Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow

February 11th                  Super Bowl Sunday  - who are you rooting for?

February 14th                  Valentine’s Day   

February 19th                   Presidents Day


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Source: All Star Charts, cycle


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